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Handpicked collection of amazing flash image and video gallery templates at your fingertips!

Need a image or video gallery shown off in style? We have a list of products that take your media to another level with high impact presentation guarenteed to bring attention to your gallery. These products can easily be updated by an external text file for easy gallery edits. Flash is a must for rich multimedia content that gives you a rich visual experience! All of the flash galleries are for sale and ready to download. Keep this page bookmarked as we will keep adding products to this flash gallery templates section.

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1. Video Playlist High Definition

Flash Video Gallery Template: View Video Playlist High Definition Component Ever wanted to show off your widescreen high definition videos? Now you can in this letterbox formatted window so you can use different video ratios. As seen in the demo, the videos are extremely clear. The playlist is fully automatic, once a video is finished it goes to the next video. Currently the demo uses Apple trailers encoded in the H264 codec. FLV formats obviously can also be used.

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2. Video Production

Video Production templates

Flash Video Production Template: View Video Production Template This super clean video production template has a professional look and has a built-image gallery and 14 sections for information input. Video Production pro also has a built-in music player and the ability to add a short clip on the homepage. Comes with the source .fla, show off your video production with style with Video Production Pro!

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3. Photo Scatter

Flash Image Gallery Template: View Photo Scatter This image gallery is a great concept, it takes images that look like polaroids that are layed on a table, you can push them around, zoom in, zoom out, and group them together. This component reminds me of how Microsoft Surface works. This photo image gallery is powered by a single XML document for easy modification.

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4. Full Screen Gallery

Flash Image Gallery Template: View Full Screen Gallery Many people want full screen image galleries, and this is one of the best out there. This particular one uses a dragger, so you can drag images in either full or thumb view. You can change the image resolution size in the xml document.

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5. Inverse Gallery

Flash Image Gallery Template: View Inverse Gallery This gallery is a new way of viewing thumbnails, it gives an illusion of 3D. Used with Papervision technology, this is a fast and easy to edit gallery.

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6. Power Player

Flash Video Gallery Template: View Power Player This small FLV player is perfect size if you need to fit it in your webpage, this player is powered by XML, and can be edited easily. FLV has fast becoming one of the main standard in video formats, this is the perfect player.

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7. Carousel

Flash Image Gallery Template: Flash Carousel Carousel image galleries have always been popular, this one is no exception. This XML based flash carousel can be edited easily. Link to your favorite website urls in style. There are different variations of this carousel, take a look at the carousel pro as well. Carousel Pro

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8. Flash Magazine Flip Book

Flash Image Gallery Template: Flash Magazine Having your website flip open like a magazine is a great way to display content. Take a look at the demo to see how the page animation works. This flip magazine is one of the best selling product Dreamlinestudio offers. This is not XML based and you will need Flash to edit this product.

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9. Gallery Pro

Flash Image Gallery Template: Gallery Image Pro This gallery really has amazing navigation and menu animations. This image gallery is perfect for models, photographers, and media producers. This is an XML based image gallery. Gallery Pro is extremely popular right now due to its rare navigation system, check it out.

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10. iTunes Art Gallery

Flash Image Gallery Template: iTunes Art Gallery Made popular by Apple, now you can have the image flip gallery for yourself. This gallery can be changed dynamically with the included XML

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11. 3D Flash Image Wall

Flash Image Gallery Template: 3D Flash Image Wall (Papervision) The usage of Papervision 3D really has made this image gallery possible. This new technology really makes image galleries very exciting as viewed in the demo. XML handles the images and hyperlinks.

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12. Mini Image Flash Gallery

Flash Image Gallery Template: Mini Flash Image Gallery This small gallery is very popular due to it's fast loading properties and small real estate. People are using this gallery for sidebars and other hard to fit sections on the web. Popular with modeling agencies and photographers.

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13. Images and Video Wall

Flash Image and Video Gallery Template: Video and Images Wall Amazing 3D Video and Image Wall Gallery. Keyboard and mouse interactions move the gallery around. View videos in full screen mode! This is a XML powered gallery so you will be able to use your own videos and images. AS3 coded. This product is one of our most purchased flash image gallery.

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