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Flash E-Commerce solutions from selling music, clothes, e-books, videos, electronics, almost anything. Most of our flash e-commerce carts come with an administration panel for easy cart management. It has never been so easy and affordable to sell online since the introduction of our top selling flash carts. We also offer installation ($50) if you do not want to deal with the initial setup. Our e-commerce solutions do not have monthly, hidden fees, nor do we force you to use a hosting package. This is a one-time payment hosted on your server plain and simple. Take a look at our flash e-commerce solutions below and choose the module that fits your purpose. Prices range from ($40-$199)


1. Sell MP3's and Albums w/ Auto Delivery

Flash MP3 Store Demo

MP3 Store Description: Perfect for bands, recording artists, music stores, ringtones, and much more! Have the ability to sell individual tracks or full albums. Everybody loves album art, so we gave this music cart the ability to display it. A built-in search bar for quick search for Artist, Genre, Album, or Song. Display a "What's Hot" Album on the cart. The Ability to sell multiple tracks and albums. The best part? This store is fully automated. Price $149.00 (Category: Flash E-Commerce)

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2. Sell MP3's and Albums

MP3 Store Description: A great music store at value pricing. Accept Paypal & Credit Cards as a payment option. If you only have a Paypal account, just add your email address and you are all set. This is a great music store for those that don't need an auto delivery system. Own your own music shop at an amazing price. Price $89.00 (Category: Flash E-Commerce)

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3. Mini MP3 Store w/ Auto Delivery

as3 mp3 mini shopping cart

Mini MP3 Store Description: The Flash Mini-Player is not only a beautiful compact machine, but it does what you need it to without a complicated process.These little monsters are powered by a single XML documents that is ultra easy to edit. Throw some images and MP3 files in its proper directory and your done, this is fully automated Price $125.00 (Category: Flash E-Commerce)

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4. Mini MP3 Store

Mini MP3 Store Description: The Flash Mini-Player accepts Paypal and credit cards and really is an amazing music shopping cart, it does everything the newer version does expect auto-delivery of music. This is a perfect simple mp3 shopping cart and easy to maintain, comes in white & black. Price $49.00 (Category: Flash E-Commerce)

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5. Beat Shop (Euphony) Sell Beats Online!

Beat Shop Description: Sell beats online! This has created alot of buzz and it's very close to being complete, this product has received so much attention, it has it's own website, Visit Price $199.00 (Category: Flash E-Commerce)

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6. Video Shop w/ Auto Delivery

flash video shopping cart

Video Shop Description: Now you can sell videos easily! This is a fully automated store that will send products to your customers automatically. Included is an admin panel for easy updating. Have a Paypal account? Great, simply insert your Paypal email address in the admin panel and start selling, no complicated code to learn. We can also help you install the video store for you as well. Want to add real credit card support? We also allow merchant code like and, this is all included in our new flash video cart. Price $149.00 (Category: Flash E-Commerce)

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7. Video Shop

Video Shop Description: Now you can sell videos easily! This is an easy XML setup accept Paypal and credit card transactions Comes with a search function and slick design interface. Does everything the newer version does expect for auto-delivery. Price $89.00 (Category: Flash E-Commerce)

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8. Multi-Shop

Multi Shop Description: Do you have multiple items to sell? Do you need one cart to do the job? Our multi-cart can handle most everything you have to sell. With unlimited categories, you can sell clothing, while selling music, software, prints at the same time. You can make any particular item become an auto download item by marking a checkbox in the included admin panel. You can also set it so you will have to send it manually or by standard mail delivery. . Price $149.00 (Category: Flash E-Commerce)

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9. Multi-Shop

Multi Shop Description: This small and compact shopping cart does it all at a value price. Start selling today using Paypal and credit cards. Sell multiple types of media with this cart like clothing, electronics, e-books, you name it. Price $89.00 (Category: Flash E-Commerce)

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Need a very simple flash e-commerce solution that you can plug your Paypal account to? Well, we have just the solution for you at amazing prices. These carts are exactly the same quality as our premium carts, the only difference is that Paypal is the only payment gateway offered at checkout. If you do not need auto-delivery and just want to use the Paypal gateway, this low-cost flash shopping cart is a great solution. To view all of our Paypal only carts, click here.



Features List:

XML Flash E-Commerce

- Easy Drag and Drop Flash E-Commerce
- Zero Monthly Fees, Only One Initial Purchase
- Start Selling Products Now!
- Unlimited Products And Categories
- Auto Scrollbars
- Unlimited Product Variable (Color, Size, Etc..)
- Easy Drag and Drop
- Use As A standalone Module
- Flashviewer Built-In
- Customize Colors Of Cart
- XML for Easy Modification (Version 1)
- Admin Panel Available (Version 2)
- Multiple Category Capabilities
- Shipping and Item Numbers
- Calculates Total Products and Subtotal
- Stylish Professional Designed Flashcart

Delivery Process

When a customer purchases a product, you get an email telling you who bought the products, email address, and a list of products that were bought. There is no automatic delivery system and you are responsible for sending out the products yourself. Many people use this how it is, and some have added features such as auto delivery and merchant support. Awesome finished product, great beginning for advanced users. Source file is included with purchase.

Flash E-Commerce (XML or Dynamic Admin Panel System)

We offer two versions of our flashcart, a standalone powered by XML and an admin based system. The XML version is perfect for anybody that doesn't need or want databases installed. XML requires no database and is ready to go out of the box. Best part? They are both the same price at $40

The Admin version does require a MySQL database (we offer installation $50 upon availability) and is geared to those who ultimtately want total control from one screen. In the end, it is easier to update your flashcart via the admin panel but again, the choice is yours depending on what your needs are. Take a look at our shopping cart demo and take a quick peek at our admin panel.
(Note: The purchase of the admin panel includes the actual shopping cart as well, this is a full solution)


Test Drive The Shopping Cart

We designed the flash e-commerce cart to look professional and act its part meaning this is a powerful cart full of features. This cart is the base to both XML and Admin Panel versions, the only difference of course is the method of modifying the cart.

Sell your products immediately and securely through Paypal systems. Accept Paypal and credit cards through the Paypal system.

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Admin Panel Video Tour

Take A Peek At Our Admin Panel

The admin panel is the easiest way to update your cart. We recommend the Admin Based Version for those that have a moderate amount of products to sell. Having an admin panel keeps products organized and easy to find in order to modify. Perfect Flash E-commerce solution at a great price.

You will need a MySQL database in order to allow the admin panel to function.

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Questions? Do you have technical or general questions about our flash e-commerce line of products? Email Us