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Free HTML Templates

Free HTML Templates - We are proud to announce our new free HTML templates that are XHTML CSS enabled. These templates are already coded and ready to go! Each free HTML template has a build-in members log-in and subscribe section fully working. (These sections can be deleted if you don't need those options). Our free HTML design templates were carefully designed and meant to really stand out from the rest of the HTML heap. Some of our free products include Wordpress themes, XHTML, CSS, HTML. These free templates are some of the cleanest designs available on the net!



Html login templates are free! Almost all of our free html templates have the login feature, if you want to have the paid version of the html login templates, please visit these links. HTML Login 1 | HTML Login 2 These versions have unlimited licenses and you can remove all copyright text and links to us.

FREE LICENSE - Users are free to use any of these CSS templates for commercial or personal use without having to make any payments, provided they follow the license terms and agree to link back to in some feasible way, or just keep the footer link in place. Free templates protected by Creative Commons

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Donations are not required but appreciated. Donations will help us create more free products in the future.



PROFESSIONAL LICENSE - If you choose not to link back to, you will have to buy a license to do so. Choose the type of template you want below and browse the HTML templates. The license is automatically included when you purchase the template. The license allows you to have unlimited installs.


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HTML Templates

Free MySQL Database Versions

Some of these free html templates come with register and login sections. It also comes with a contact and a subscribe section. These are great features but require a simple database in order for them to work. We do have templates that do not require a database, please select "Standalone CSS HTML Templates"

XHTML CSS - So what is XHTML? Well its really a combination of HTML and XML, so what does that mean for you? When we code via XHTML, the page has the ability to connect to web devices through a modularization process. In turn, your webpage can be read through various platforms.XHTML is where you need to be, and we have that covered already for you.

CSS - CSS is short for Cascading Style Sheets, so what can you do with CSS?

- Total control layout of many pages from one single CSS style sheet
- Fonts, colors, lines, margins, width, height, backround images,
- Precise control of layout
- Apply different layout to different media-types
- Numerous advanced and sophisticated techniques.

Coded HTML - These HTML templates come pre-coded. All hyperlinks are ready to to linked to another document, and images are already prepared so you can replace them easily within your website. The Members Login and Subscribe sections have also been coded already, all you need to do is change the variables such as password, and subscribe email to your own. The hard part was already done for you, just add in your own text and images.

Additional HTML Pages Included - Each theme comes with 5 additional sub-pages, this is a great bonus as it will help you complete your website quickly.


HTML Templates: Tools & Software

It's important to have the right tools to edit your html templates. We recommend you use Adobe's Dreamweaver as it's the most popular html creation and editing program. With Dreamweaver, it's not only easy to edit html templates but adding Flash content to your web pages is very easy and no coding is required. Dreamweaver has a built-in FTP manager to quickly upload html templates you edit on the fly. In my opinion, this is a must-have software for those who are not hardcore coders, so in other words Dreamweaver is designer friendly.

Dreamweaver for HTML Templates


Search Engine Optimization - HTML templates have greater success in search engine rankings, so if ranking is a top priority, then choosing to go with a HTML template. Our templates have META tags which you can later alter the title, description, and keywords. Many of our clients combine our HTML templates and add Flash to make a hybrid website. Hybrid websites are very popular since it is the best of both worlds.

FREE HTML Advantages - Some advantages of HTML is the ability to load quicker given that the images are optimized for the web. Quickly update images and text, you can update your html pages without buying expensive software, you could use Notepad to edit and save your HTML templates.

Browser Compatibility - HTML can be read easily because it is on a basic and standard platform and supported by all browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, HTML can easily be understood . Electronic devices such as phones also have an easier time browsing through HTML, although Flash is fast becoming fully integrated in small devices.

Free HTML Software - So you just bought a HTML template and your looking for FREE software to edit your files, well we compiled a short list of free HTML editors that will do just that. Again, these are free software programs. We do recommend Adobe Dreamweaver for its ease of importing Flash if needed, but if that's not your intention any of these programs will work fine. We endorse these free programs for its ease of use.



Top 5 Best Free HTML Editors


1. Coffee Cup (Full Featured HTML Editor with built in FTP, HTML 5 and CSS3)

Coffee cup is the editor I recommend if you cannot get your hands on Dreamweaver. It is loaded with wizards for frames, tables, style sheets and much more. It does HTML highlighting which is helpful for editing your html templates and also does split screen to see code and your live webpage. The paid version of Coffee Cup is $49 but is worth it if you don't want to shell out a few hundred on Dreaweaver.

2. Kompozer ( Complete Web Authoring- Easy To Use WYSIWYG )

Designed to be very easy to use, create powerful CSS pages with the easy to use WYSIWYG features found in Frontpage & Dreamweaver. Although Komposer says it’s easy to use, I found Coffee Cup to be easier to use overall. Coders might like this program better than Coffee Cup. Definitely a great program to edit existing html templates.

3. Arachnophilia ( HTML Editor, Macro & Programming)

I remember creating my first webpage in Arachnophilia ages ago, aww the memories. I tried out the latest version recently and was impressed but found that it had a little bit of a learning curve but still extremely effective. It is definately worth the download and testing it out. It now runs on a Java platform.

4. Seamonkey ( Web Browser, Email, Newsgroup IRC Chat and HTML Editing)

Seamonkey is one of those programs that wants to do it all but I really wish they could concentrate just one one thing, webpage development. Is it good enough to edit HTML templates? Yes. I just wish they come out with a full blown html editor/creation software. I would say it's good enough to edit html templates just fine though.

5. HTML-Kit ( Full featured editor HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS)

HTML-Kit is rapidly becoming a HTML editor tool of choice. They keep updating their software and improving it so that's always a good thing. Some of the options HTML-Kit has is preview options, file versioning, and backup. Easily navigate through tags and scripts including CSS, HTML, XHTML, and XML documents. Easy upload and remote editing. The free version works just fine, the paid version has some extra features like multi-monitor support and portability.



FREE HTML Templates Packages Include - Our HTML templates include the Photoshop PSD, HTML pages including the index, and 5 subpages, PHP Scripts for the Members Login and Subscribe. Built-in Meta tags to give you a jump start to your SEO campaign, and fonts. These are completely free templates so you can remove all of our company information.




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Free HTML Templates

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